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Special Exam Accommodations (DSE) - *English*

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To provide reliable and equitable examination and assessment services, safeguard the integrity of the assessment without violating the assessment objectives of subjects, enable candidates with special needs, and demonstrate the full extent of their learning without the undue advantage over other candidates, the HKEAA has some exam accommodations for students with special education needs, which is the SEAs. During this training course, Ms. Queenie will explain what are SEAs and the types of equipment provided by the HKEAA. This training course is delivered in 3 parts: Part 1:What are Special Examination Arrangements (SEAs)? Part 2:Equipments that may be provided by the HKEAA Part 3:Special Examination Accommodations - Quiz Speaker:Queenie Liu, Registered Educational Psychologist Ms. Queenie Liu is an educational psychologist. She is a full division member of the Division of Educational Psychology of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, as well as a member of Register of Educational Psychologists accredited by the Department of Health. She is currently a guest and part-time lecturer at local universities, and has extensive experience in working with local NGOs and private settings in conducting psychoeducation assessments, giving training to children and adolescents in need, and providing consultation for parents and teachers. In addition, she is an accredited mindfulness teacher, parenting program provider, and certified clinical user of a range of clinical assessments.




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