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馬懿婷小姐 註冊物理治療師


Bernice likes to connect with people and concerns their needs. She brings her caring attitude to her work, where heedful observation, extensive knowledge and patience are essential. She is passionate and encouraging to support her clients to gain the most out of the rehabilitation journey. It is fun to work with Bernice for she holds a vibe in the working environment. Clients can rest assured that they are facilitated towards their rehabilitation goals, as well as enjoying the process. 


Professional experience


She has a wide range of experience in managing physical conditions of different ages. It is most enjoyable for her to work with school kids with mental retardation and elderly. The most common conditions she encounters include cerebral palsy, scoliosis, stroke, post fracture rehabilitation and frailty. Apart from working individually with clients, she also delivers interacted education workshops and classes. 


She was registered as a physiotherapist in Hong Kong. She has worked for the Hong Kong Redcross and Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service after graduation. She was appointed by the respective organizations to support the Olympics 2008 First Aider training in Beijing and attend the World Congress of Active Aging 2012 in Glasgow. She has then been working in other institutions including Haven of Hope Sunnyside School, Sai Kung District Community Center and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University freelance. 


Communication matters 


Respecting the uniqueness in clients, Bernice keeps communicating with them to check and modify their tailor-made rehabilitation plans. The clients’ preference and background are taken into account, to help them move back on track to a healthy life. Her interest in basketball and choral singing makes her a harmonizing team player, in a multidisciplinary way. She eagerly reaches out to other professional staff to make the rehabilitation plan holistic.


Learning is fun


Bernice is aware of the importance of continuous professional learning, that she likes to explore updates on treatments and information that can benefit the clients. She keeps reading books and materials online. She takes professional courses regularly. She is keen in the application of sports taping in the population that she meets at work. She likes traveling around the world, to check for updates in the rehabilitation field. She has been to Las Vegas, Melbourne, Holland and Kuala Lumpur for international conferences and visitation. 


Bernice 喜歡與人聯繫並關注他們的需要。她將關愛的態度帶入了工作中,認真的觀察,廣泛的知識和耐心是必不可少的。她充滿熱情並鼓勵支持她的客戶從康復之旅中獲得最大收益。與Bernice一起工作很有趣,因為她在工作環境中保持著氛圍。客戶可以放心,他們會為實現康復目標和享受過程提供便利。





她在香港註冊為物理治療師。畢業後,她曾在香港紅十字會和浸信會愛群社會服務處工作。她由各自的組織任命,以支持在北京舉辦的2008年奧林匹克運動會北京急救員課程,並參加在格拉斯哥舉行的2012年Congress Of Active Ageing。之後,她曾在其他機構工作,包括靈實恩光學校,西貢區社區中心和香港理工大學的自由工作者。











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